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Make your backyard a place where you’ll love spending time by adding a pergola. These decorative outdoor structures can add beauty to gardens, patios or walkways as well as provide shade for sitting areas and plants. A pergola is ideal for an outdoor space that's used frequently. Whether over a porch, yard, or garden, pergolas help the outdoors feel more hospitable for long days outside. They are not meant to keep the elements away completely, but to visually designate and decorate pools, seating areas, or yard features. Pergolas are perfect for anyone who enjoys being outside but who can’t endure harsh overhead sunlight. They also offer privacy from any vertical neighbors. Some homeowners use drapes, curtains, awnings or sails to add even more privacy.Pergola MaterialsFind the best pergola that fits your style. Pergolas can be constructed from various materials, including cedar, teak, aluminum, or even vinyl. Pergola styles vary with the homeowner’s space availability, budget, and design style. But first, you’ll need to decide which type of pergola is ideal for your home.

Wooden Pergolas

A wooden pergola is a classic choice, lending a rustic vibe to your space. Wood options include cedar pergolas, which resist damage from weather, mildew and pests. A wooden pergola is easy to alter to fit your needs. Timber and lumber are relatively affordable and easy to stain. While the colors might change over time, wooden pergolas are easy to repaint or refinish.

Vinyl Pergolas

Vinyl pergolas are more expensive than wooden pergolas, but they are not susceptible to bugs, mold, or wood rot. They last much longer when exposed to harsh outdoor elements. However, they can’t be painted, so if you change your color scheme, you’ll be stuck with the original color.

Aluminum Pergolas

This metal pergola is sturdy and sleek. Aluminum pergolas are often used as minimalist, modern carports. They're an affordable outdoor structure that looks like a high-end upgrade. The most high-tech aluminum pergolas have retractable shades on the roof, ideal for over a pool or outdoor furniture.

Are Pergolas Expensive?

Remember, pergola cost depends on factors such as material and size. Walco designs and installs different pergola sizes so you can define a small corner of your outdoor space or cover a large patio and everything in between. As you plan your pergola project, you can draw inspiration from the numerous options we carry. Pergolas with roofs provide enhanced protection against the sun’s rays. They’re perfect if you need less sunlight and more shade. Patio pergolas are great alternatives to gazebos if you want more light to hit your patio. Outdoor furniture like tables and chairs are the perfect compliments for your private seating. Plant succulents and water features like fountains and ponds to create an outdoor oasis.

What to Expect when asking the Pros at Walco to Install a Pergola?

When the consultation is complete, we will provide you with a detailed quote that outlines the size, selection and anticipated finish product. Once you have agreed to the cost of the service, we will secure the material or trade required and set the schedule for completion.The process of the installation is a structural scope that requires precision and thorough care and attention to detail to install properly and efficiently. Once all materials are on site, a pergola can take 7 to 10 days to complete When the installation is completed, we will review the construction aspect, finish aspect and all upkeep and maintenance items related to your Pergola so you can enjoy the space for years to come!

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