Artificial Turf in American Fork

Synthetic Grass - A Practical Solution for Modern Times!

The advantages of synthetic turf are numerous. It does not require mowing or watering and, unlike a natural lawn, stays green all year round. In addition, the turf does not require the application of any chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly product that you can be proud of.

Artificial turf is a versatile product that can be installed around a pool or on a terrace, in a park or on a soccer field, football field, tennis court or golf course. Our artificial turf is allergen-free and since there is no soil involved in the installation process, you can say goodbye to traces of mud in the house after your children or pets have been outside. Furthermore, our artificial turf solutions are designed to allow pet waste and other debris to pass through its irrigation holes, meaning no foul odors or soil stains to deal with. If you want to find out more about how artificial turf can benefit your home, garden, indoor space or commercial space, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Walco Sprinklers today to speak with one of our friendly professionals!

Why Choose Walco Sprinklers, American Fork’s Synthetic Turf Installation Specialist

  • Our team has developed recognized expertise in the field of synthetic turf installation.
  • The success of Walco Sprinklers is based on the unmatched quality of our artificial grass solutions, installations and on the excellence of our service.
  • Because our priority is customer satisfaction. From American Fork to the surrounding areas, when it comes to artificial turf, just think of Walco Sprinklers!

Residential Artificial Turf in American Fork

Residential artificial turf is a great way to maximize the use of your lawn during the best seasons of the year. Because our Walco Sprinklers artificial turf solutions are virtually maintenance-free, you will have more time to spend with your family and friends enjoying a clean, allergen-free lawn that will be the jewel of the neighborhood. The great thing about residential artificial turf is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors! A popular use amongst our American Fork clients for artificial turf is in a recreational room that can be used by any and/or all members of the family. Due to its customizable soft bristles, and allergen-free nature, it is a perfect solution for infants, toddlers and crawlers alike.

Artificial Turf Cost in American Fork

The cost of our Walco Sprinklers astroturf solutions, products and services depend on the size and scope of your particular and unique project. The dimensions of your space will determine the exact amount of material that is required and thus the labor that will be involved. Regardless of project size and budget, we will be sure to think outside of the box in order to come up with a unique solution that suits every need to ensure the satisfaction of each and every one of our valued clients. We hope you will reach out to Walco Sprinklers to find out more!